HAVC: Hokord Analytical Vaping Complex

We are working to make the world of e-cigarettes better

ABOUT US Laboratory is a corporation operating in the vaping industry since 2017, providing professional specialized Testing Services for E-cigarettes, Vaping, and Heat-not-Burn devices. We are professionally engaged in laboratory testing, research, development, and other services for cannabis, nicotine, tobacco, e-liquid, and vape companies. Our main focus is on helping to develop new products as well as improving existing products by providing high-quality control, comprehensive analysis, and development services.

We are a team of engineers successfully working in the consumer electronics industry for our clients around the world, with extensive experience in electronics technology, analysis, and research.

WHAT WE DO:  Laboratory is a team of professionals from across Asia, North America, and Europe providing the following services:

  • Aerosol analytical testing and parameter data collection 
  • Comprehensive technical testing and analysis of electronic devices
  • Various e-devices performance testing and recommendations
  • Customized testing services 
  • Product development support
  • Related equipment for e-cigarette testing


  • All-in-one provider of specialized services. We support our clients from product concept to development and beyond.
  • Reduce costs. Eliminate additional costs by using one dedicated service provider.
  • Brand reputation protection. We pay great attention to international and local requirements and the quality of our services to provide our customers with the best possible end product.
  • Increased customer satisfaction. We are here to ensure that your products meet customer expectations.
  • Elimination of potential risks. 
  • Customized solutions. We offer customized solutions tailored to our client’s specific requirements and needs.



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