Services Laboratory has been accumulating experience and knowledge in the vaping industry over the years. We provide testing services of e-cigarettes, vaping, and heat-not-burn devices on various parameters related to vapor analysis and in-depth technical inspection. Highly qualified specialists of our Laboratory can analyze and test the e-cigarette and its vaping properties, technical indicators and make a list of recommendations based on the test results.

ANALYZE YOUR COMPETITORS Laboratory with full responsibility for the confidentiality of information can test samples of your competitors’ devices and provide you with information about qualitative and quantitative indicators of e-cigarettes, such as, number of puffs, battery life, the disadvantages and advantages of internal components, and performa comparative analysis with your product.


Are you a device manufacturer or are you delegating ODM-based production and need to control product quality?

Our Laboratory can test samples of e-cigarettes based on your product’s compliance parameters and help improve the quality control level of production. 

Our testing will reveal the weak points of the device, such as e-liquid leakage from the tank, the quality of the battery, the viability of the device, and many other parameters.


There exist numerous disposable and reusable e-cigarette product options, representing a wide variation in product configuration and component functionality. Common e-cigarette components include an aerosol generator, a flow sensor, a battery, and a nicotine-containing solution storage area.

When starting the development of a new device, the development team does not yet have all the data on the efficiency and usability of the new device. Moreover, it is quite difficult to predict the risks, options for modifying components and parts.

Our Laboratory with its testing methods and procedures can help companies in the early stages of development to take into account all the risks, test the viability of an electronic cigarette or vape device, select and advise options for modifying components while maintaining the original concept idea, but at the same time improving the performance of the device, which the end-user will definitely appreciate.


Electronic cigarettes are a diverse group of products that produce a heated aerosol, typically containing nicotine, which users inhale via a mouthpiece. E-cigarettes range widely in design, appearance, and complexity, but generally contain similar components and operate in a similar manner.

Although e-cigarettes range in complexity, the following describes the basic operation of a classic model of e-cigarette:

  • The user puffs the e-cigarette, which activates an airflow sensor.
  • The airflow sensor detects pressure changes and starts the power supply to a LED and a heating element.
  • The e-liquid saturates a wick via capillary action and is then aerosolized by the heating element.
  • The aerosolized droplets of e-liquid subsequently enter the user’s mouth and lungs.

A complete technical analysis of the e-cigarette, vaping or heat-not-burn devices will allow you to find out all the weak points of the configuration and structure of the device, information on the quality and number of puffs, parameters of the battery life, and much more. If requested by the client, our Laboratory will preparere commendations for improving the version of the e-device.


If you are looking for a specific type of e-devices testing services s – our specialists will find an opportunity to implement your request.

For the purpose of the development of new, innovative products and materials, it’s very important to have a trusted partner for customized testing, as well as for individual testing and equipment for customized products and for assistance in the development process. At Laboratory, we can offer each of these customized services according to our experience in testing, manufacturing, and engineering.