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POD/cartridge leakage test

The test performs leakage analysis of the device’s cartridges (pods) under various environmental conditions. Leakage of liquid from the cartridge ...
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POD/cartridge design and construction review

The research of the device's cartridge (pod) design is an extremely important type of analysis, which is necessary for understanding ...
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Operational temperature of heating element test

Measuring the operating temperature of a heating element is an important step in the device research procedure. The test allows ...
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Internal components and design review

The analysis of internal components is carried out to make a research of the device's features and technical solutions used ...
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Device drop test

Test to determine whether the packaging or device design could be improved.The test is carried out to determine the strength ...
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Button failure test

The test of mechanical buttons of vaporizers and e-cigarettes for lifespan.This test is performed for the determination of the life ...
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Battery tester

A battery tester is complex testing hardware for measuring battery life and performance during lifecycles. The main commercial parameter is ...
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Feeding signal features, power parameters analysis

This research is carried out to determine the parameters of the electrical signal that is applied to the contacts of ...
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PCB review and analysis

Electronics are the basis of any modern gadget, including vape devices. An analysis of the device's schematic solutions is necessary ...
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