Comparison Report: Analytical Vaping Systems Overview

Analytical Vaping Systems Overview
Complex comparison of different types of smoking machines and vaping complexes
Date of Report: 21.05.2021

The following machines are compared in this report: HAVC from Hokord, CETI 8 Range, SM450E from Cerulean, LM5E, NGX10 from Borgwaldt, and Gramm UVM from Gramm Research. We do not compare smoking machines for quality control, like some Chinese machines. It is because of the minimal functionality and lack of accuracy of such machines. Also, we do not compare machines that analyze the health effects of vaping and smoking, because such machines mainly test vapor and smoke on animals.

Table of contents:
Glossary 4
Report scope 5
Machine descriptions 6
CETI 8 Range from Cerulean 6
SM450E from Cerulean 7
NGX10 from Borgwaldt 8
Analytical Vaping Machines LM1E/ LM5E 9
Universal Vaping Machine from Gramm research 11
Test device types 12
Vapor density 13
Pressure Drop 14
Evaporation mass during puff automatization 15
User puff profile 16
Puff count 17
Battery test 18
Number of connections 19
Interface 20
Web interface 21
Precision 22
Calibration 23
Environmental control 24
Dimensions and weight 25
Pricing 26
Technical features comparison 27
Overview conclusion 28

This report compares different types of smoking machines and vaping complexes which are presented as analytical tools and can be used for researching and developing different types of smoking and vaping devices. The report identifies specific features of each device, areas of application, and compares them with HAVC. The report also reviews technical tests and features of HAVC specifically in greater detail. Laboratory welcomes all your questions, suggestions, and comments! Our team looks forward to hearing from you and is always here to help. Please feel free to schedule a call with us or complete the form below.

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