Comparison report of KT&G’s vaporizers: complex technical analysis and test of tobacco vaporizers of brand “lil”

Comparison report of KTGs vaporizers_complex technical analysis and test of tobacco vaporizers of brand lil_new

This report provides detailed technical information about the heat-not-burn type of vaporizer devices offered by KT&G corporation. Information provided includes technical properties comparison of HnB devices and device performance ratings that were calculated according to the author’s in-house methodology.

The list of devices which pass the research in this report are as follows:
1) LiL Solid Plus+
2) LiL Solid Mini
3) LiL Hybrid
4) LiL Hybrid 2.0
5) Lil Solid 2.0

Table of contents:
Report Introduction…4
Devices Descriptions…5
Technical Analysis Introduction…8
Tests and Technical Reviews…9
Internal Components View…9
Heater Review…12
Airflow Review…15
Pcb Review…19
Battery Analysis…25
Feeding Signal Type and Temperature Control System Analysis…29
Temperature Deviation of Heater…36
Current Power Consumption of Device…40
Battery and Device Energy Efficiency…44
Report Conclusion…48

There is no common technological pattern in the use of certain device heating elements in the production of units from the leading tobacco companies. Heated tobacco devices offered by KT&G include regular and hybrid heating systems. KT&G corporation has several innovations identified in tobacco heating vaporizers of brand “lil hybrid”. All aspects of performance, construction, and technical components are compared. An induction heating system was implemented in the recent device. Laboratory welcomes all your questions, suggestions, and comments! Our team looks forward to hearing from you and is always here to help. Please feel free to schedule a call with us or complete the form below.

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