Feel the difference between the declared parameters and real characteristics of disposables


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    A basic advice for business on how to choose the most reliable disposable vape brand


    The report is to show the difference between the manufacturers’ voiced technical characteristics of disposable vape devices of the next brands: HQD, Plonq, LuxLite, MaskKing, Puff Plus, and their actual capabilities, which will raise awareness among consumers of disposable e-cigarettes.

    what’s inside?
    • Brief description of using laboratory equipment.

    • Extended description of test steps’ methodology: declared parameters, puff count, EMP, and battery test on the test stand.

    • Description of tests results and their comparison with declared information on the devices’ package: the number of cycles (puffs) of the battery, the actual number of puffs in devices, evaporated mass during puff, the actual volume of e-liquid in the device.

    why us?

    Vape-testing.com laboratory provides inclusive analytical services. Just send us a request for a customized report and get the complete expertise from the professional team packed into a multi-paged doc designed especially for your business needs.