Testing Equipment for Vape devices

Vape-testing provides modern analytical and QC equipment for vaping industry. Here you’ll find certified hardware designed specifically for your business.
We offer unique electronic cigarettes testing equipment with analytical features and extended connectivity. Quality control on maximum level.


Hokord Analytical Vaping Complex

HOKORD Analytical Vaping Complex is a tool for analyzing and testing all types of vaping devices. HAVC carries out highly accurate tests. This advanced vaping (smoking) machine includes up to 6 channels for independent analytical testing and has an improved air system to reduce condensation.

Benefits of HAVC:

– HAVC requires no PC connection or hardware implementation and can be operated from any PC, laptop or tablet;
– HAVC automatically connects to the network using LAN-cable (Wi-Fi option to be added in the future) and does not require additional cable connections;
– HAVC has the most compact design among analogs and weighs 18 kg, so it can be moved by just one person and can be placed on an office table.

vape machine

Battery tester

The vape device battery tester is a complex testing hardware for measuring battery life and life cycle performance. The main commercial parameter is the internal information on whether the device under analysis has the declared battery capacity.

This test is carried out to analyze the parameters of the battery installed in the device and its reaction to various current loads. Based on the test results, it is possible to make conclusions about the quality of the battery and its compliance with the declared parameters.


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