EMP Test

Evaporated mass during puff test (EMP test) (ex. ACM test)
This test’s mission is to determine the amount of vaporized material during one puff. The test can be successfully used in the research process of different types of devices: pod-systems, HnB, oil vaporizers, etc. Let’s see an example of a real comparison EMP test of 2 vaporizers below:

evaporation mass during puff test - Vape testing
 The information obtained during the test makes it possible to determine the efficiency of the process of evaporating of an e-liquid, oil, or tobacco/herbal substance is, helps to evaluate the dynamics of e-liquid/oil or tobacco/herbal substance consumption, and also allows to make the comparative analysis of the effectiveness of several devices in the context of substance evaporation. It should be noted that the settings of the puff parameters for the smoking machine are carried out under Coresta method No. 81.

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