Methodologies Laboratory ensures premier quality laboratory testing, technical expertise, and the ability to work with clients throughout each stage of product development. This makes our vape testing services independent and helps turn our clients’ biggest goals into real solutions.

Our experience allows us to be not only a reliable service provider but also a  trustworthy advisor in all stages of product implementation..

If you want to be the market leader and care about the quality of your products: e-cigarettes, vape devices, or heat-not-burn products, we are ready to become a reliable partner for your business.

    The vaping industry is full of niche words that link to e-cigarettes, e-liquid, and even the vaping lifestyle. With that, we’ve decided to piece together a glossary of all the vaping terms to support you.

    Herein, we identify the core vape-testing flows in the study design, methodology, and implementation. Get to know us better with the complete methodological approach by the vape-testing team.

    Learn more about our case studies and expertise by downloading our presentation. All the tests are in one place, in one click.

    If you haven't yet decided to give up smoking in favor of vaping, this book is for you. Here you will learn the history of vaping and the industry's details. You will get to grips with how vape devices work and get rid of your biases.
    If you're a hardware engineer or industrial designer making your first steps towards the industry, we'll cover the complex devices and the history of engineering and design in vaping in simple terms.
    If you're a businessman or sales manager, you'll see a market opportunity you can't pass up from the first chapters. A loyal audience, unoccupied niches, and a variety of products and destinations will allow you to build a cost-effective business.