Heated Sticks Market and Construction Insights


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    The analysis of 126 heated stick series of 105 brands released within period of June 2018 – June 2022


    According to global data, for the 2nd half of 2018 – 1 half of 2022 period, 261 heated stick series in 208 brands were released.

    We have classified heated sticks by size types, construction, substance and its density, active content, additive compound, puff quantity, pressure drop, heater, manufacturing country and owner.

    what’s inside?
    • What are the most common size types of heated sticks?

    • Major substances in heated sticks, their density and weight.

    • What is the main active content in sticks?

    • What are the most common designated heater types?

    • The intended puffs quantity and session time of sticks.

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