HQD Disposable device test: max puffs, evaporated mass

Evaporated mass of vapor particles | Puff count | Testing of HQD disposable e-cigarettes for claimed technical parameters: 300 puffs per new device.

HQD disposable e-cigarette tests:

  • Evaporated Particles Mass
  • Max puff count per battery

Brief Methodology:

OHAUS Lab Balance
HOKORD Analytical Vaping Complex
Puff volume:​ 55 ml
Duration of puff:
​ 3sec

Results of Testing HQD disposable devices:

  • HQD ORANGE SODA: Max puffs: 178 puffs Evaporated mass: 1,1947ml
  • HQD GRAPEY: Max puffs: 177 puffs Evaporated mass: 0,9097 ml
  • HQD MIXED FRUIT: Max puffs: 163 puffs  Evaporated mass: 1,1415 ml

HQD Cuvie disposable E-cigarettes Testing Results


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