List of Big Tobacco’s vaporizers: heat-not-burn models

Heated tobacco products. High-Temperature models only.

CorporationPMIKT&GBATJapan TobaccoImperial Brands
Device nameIQOS 2.2LiL Solid MinigloPloom S 1Pulze
Device nameIQOS 2.4LiL Solid Plus+glo Series 2Ploom S 1.1
Device nameIQOS 3LiL Hybrid glo NanoPloom S 2.0
Device nameIQOS 3 DuoLiL Hybrid 2.0glo Pro
Device nameIQOS 3 MultiLiL Solid 2.0glo Hyper
Big Tobacco heated products (high-temperature models)

The main idea behind heated tobacco products (also known as a heat-not-burn vaporizer) is that a battery-powered heating system inside of it heats up the tobacco (200°C- 350°C comparing to 600°C that happens to be in the regular cigarette) from inside the heating stick injected in the device, which while heating generates aerosol that contains nicotine. Since tobacco is not being burned in this type of device, the level of harmful chemicals is much lower. 

Our recent Reports provide detailed information about various heat-no-burn devices, their comparison, and ratings, the technology behind each, and a description of the devices. Some devices from brands Glo, IQOS, Lil, Pulze, and Ploom are being fully analyzed in the report with all their internal components. 

There happen to be no obvious pattern between heating elements of the HNB offered by Big Tobacco brands.
Most of the devices seem to have the puff count.
Two main types of a temperature control were found during multiple testings of the heated tobacco products devices.
Expert opinion on the devices is being given at the end of each report.