Operational temperature of heating element test

Measuring the operating temperature of a heating element is an important step in the device research procedure. The test allows determining the real temperature on the surface of the heating element, and, as a result, provides additional information about the operational modes of the electronic circuits of the device, design features of the heater, and its surrounding elements. Also, based on the information obtained during the test, there is became possible to detect overheating of the liquid or tobacco/herbal substrate, since overheating can lead to the formation of harmful chemical compounds in the vapor. Depending on the type of heating element used in the device, measurements can be carried out using a high-precision pyrometer or using miniature thermocouples. The test can be used in the research process of any type of vape devices: pod-systems, HnB, oil vaporizers, etc. It should be noted that due to the design features of some devices (pod-systems and similar ones with replaceable evaporators (cartridges)), this test may be difficult to perform.

The example below is the charts measuring the temperature of wet and dry heaters of one of the client’s products.

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