Technical product analysis object: Freeton Maxmod 4500 disposable pod


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    Teardown report: Freeton Maxmod 4500 disposable pod


    Freeton Maxmod 4500 is a disposable device, which has no own battery cell. If you want to use it, you need to install any 18650 type Li-Ion battery cell inside the device and charge it before installation, as Freeton Maxmod 4500 has no charging connectors. In this teardown report, we disassembled the Freeton Maxmod 4500 disposable pod and performed research on the device’s technical design and its components.  

    what’s inside?
    • Device description and its images.

    • Description of the airflow scheme.

    • Internal construction review.

    • Tank, heater, and PCB review.

    • Interface and operational features research.

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