Technical product analysis object: Frigus Mbox Y06 8000  disposable pod


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    Teardown report: Frigus Mbox Y06 8000  disposable pod


    Frigus MBox Y06 8000 is a disposable device with two separate e-liquid tanks inside. This means that the user can choose what taste he wants at the moment and make puff from the corresponding mouthpiece side. Two e-liquid tanks are fully separate: each of them has its own atomizer (mesh heater) and puff sensor. The only common part is a li-Ion battery. In this teardown we disassembled the  Frigus MBox Y06 8000 disposable pod and performed some research of the device’s technical design and its components.  

    what’s inside?
    • Device description and its images.

    • Description of the airflow scheme.

    • Internal construction review.

    • Tank, heater, and PCB review.

    • Interface and operational features research.

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