UI/UX design

UX/UI analysis can improve product usability and user satisfaction. Good UX analysis can really help improve devices and show great results in changing consumer attitudes towards a device.

You can conduct UX/UI analysis on the following points:

USER CONTROL – how much control does a user have over the device work. How quickly and easily they can adjust the desired modes or functions. How flexible the device settings are so the users can customize the device for themselves.

HUMAN BODY LIMITATIONS – the device shouldn’t strain human tactile, visual, motor, or auditory limits. How pleasant a user feels when holding the device. Does the ergonomics of the device make it easy to operate the device.

USAGE CLARITY AND FLEXIBILITY – users should be able to intuitively guess how the device works and understand what happens when they press certain buttons and enable functions. Also, the device should make it clear when a user does something wrong when operating the device.

ACCURACY – the device should work exactly as stated by the manufacturer. Usually, there are not many different settings and features in vape devices, but everything should work exactly as described in the instructions. Temperatures must match those indicated in the specifications, the batteries must be sufficient for at least the time indicated in the description of the device.

STATUS VISIBILITY – it should be clear to users which mode the device is in and which function is active. The device must have a set of identification indications that will be understandable to a user and explain what exactly is wrong in case it cannot work normally. For example, showing error codes.

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