HAVC: Hokord Analytical Vaping Complex


Hokord Analytical Vaping Complex is the modern tool for creation and analisis of all types of vaping devices. With the help of a vaping machine, you can perform high-precision tests.



  • Modular construction
  • Remote Control
  • Easy service/setting
  • Precision calibration
  • Realtime monitor
  • Export of data


  • Pressure Drop test
  • Vapor Density test
  • EPM test
  • Puff count test
  • Vapor collection for chemical tests


  • Software updates
  • Easy addition of vaping modules
  • New modules in development
  • New sensors in developent
  • New methodology


  • Vaporizers
  • E-cigarettes
  • Nebulizers
  • Heat-not-burn
  • Heated tobacco products
  • E-liquids/Oils

E-Vapor density testing

Test shows visual and numeric difference in vapor density. This test determines how much vapor the device generates during puffing. The test can be used in the research of any type of vape devices. Based on the test results, it is possible to make a conclusion about the quality of the technical solutions used in the devise’s airflow design, as well as obtain information about vapor volume released during a single or a series of puffs, observe the qualitative change in the tightening force and the amount of vapor during the long-term operations of the device or during declared sessions. The test is useful both when comparing the performance of several devices of the same type, and when examining single devices. It should be noted that the settings of the puff parameters for the smoking machine are carried out in accordance with Coresta method No. 81.


Evaporation mass during puff test (EMP test).
This test’s mission is to determine the amount of vaporized material during one puff. The test can be successfully used in the research process of different types of devices: pod-systems, HnB, oil vaporizers, etc

Precision calibration

Every machine need to be calibrated for certain period of time. This is why we added easy calibration interface to our software. With help of bubble meter calibration allows to receive the most accurate results of testing.

Puff count

Test for counting maximum puffs from one cartridge, pod or device. Test is aimed on check the claimed/real number of puffs.


Battery testing

Battery test – complex test for measuring battery life and performance during lifecycles. The main commercial parameter is to know does the analyzed device has claimed battery capacity. This test is carried out to analyze the parameters of the battery installed in the device and its reaction during different current loads. Based on the test results, it is possible to make conclusions about the quality of the battery and about the compliance of its real and declared parameters. The information collected during this test can also be used in conclusions about the balance level of the device and used as part of recommendations for improving the characteristics of the device.

Presure drop

Test to find difference in suction force during puffing. This test determines the amount of force that must be applied for a single puff.

Reports examples

Download Sample Reports to see what results can be achieved using HAVC in your lab.

User friendly interface

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Technical characteristics

Puff volume10-150 ml
Puff quantity1-250
Puff time1-65000 ms
Pause between puffs1-65000 ms
ProductivityMin 20 puffs/min with 1 module
Max number of connected vaping modulesUp to 6
Storage conditions14° F to 140° F / -10° C to 60° C at 10% to 90%
relative humidity, non-condensing
Power SupplyPower input: 220-110V 7.0 A
Power output: 24v 25A
Connection typeWI-FI
Memory Storage32 GB (min)
Remote control interfaceWeb based (Windows OS)
DimensionsModule: 60x16x16 cm
Control Board: 46x11x32 cm

HAVC construction: double comparison set


Auto Button Pusher

Ready growing with you

Easy update up to 6 modules to 1 control module or

create multiple super analytical stations