POD/cartridge design and construction review

The research of the device’s cartridge (pod) design is an extremely important type of analysis, which is necessary for understanding the processes occurring during the operation of the device. This analysis provides for detailed research of the external and internal elements of the cartridge (pod), including the heating element as the main one, air chambers and channels, elements that provide liquid/oil supply to the heater (wicks), and so on. The procedure includes complete disassembly of the cartridge (pod) followed by photographing of its elements and expert analysis of the elements. Special attention is paid to heating elements, internal construction elements, and wicks. Also, this analysis is performed to identify unique technical solutions. This type of research can be performed during the research of removable or built-in cartridges (pods), as well as clearomizers, tanks, and other similar elements.

vaporizer e-cigarette pod cartridge design and construction review

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