POD/cartridge leakage test

The test performs leakage analysis of the device’s cartridges (pods) under various environmental conditions. Leakage of liquid from the cartridge (pod) is a common problem faced by manufacturers of vape devices during transportation and storage, which entails a number of problems for both manufacturers and consumers of products. The test is intended only for devices with removable cartridges (pods), as well as clearomizers, tanks, and other similar elements. During testing, several simulations of environmental conditions that can provoke liquid/oil leaks from the cartridge (pod) are performed. The main test is low atmospheric pressure, which can occur during the transportation of devices by air. Additionally, research can be carried out in a static position of the cartridge (pod) and during vibrations. The test results serve to detect the intensity of leaks (if any), make conclusions about the design features of the cartridge (pod) and, if necessary, develop recommendations for eliminating leaks.

ecigarette pod cartridge leakage test

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